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Thank you choosing Peck's of Maine!

We hope you can find everything you need. Our fruit & savory spreads represent a Maine family tradition passed down over four generations of fruit spread makers.  All-natural and hand crafted, our "lo​w in sugar" spreads pay homage to the Peck family heritage and reflect Maine appreciation of seasonal fruits that grow wild.

Lisa's family all reside in mid-coast Maine area, a few hours north of Portland and a few hours south of Acadia National Park. Some of our recipes, which helped launch our local busin​ess, came out of the Peck family cookbook, which Lisa acquired from Aunt Joyce when we were married.​

Don't let our brand, Peck's of Maine, fool you...all our fruit spread varieties are manufactured locally at the Calverton Business Incubator, 2603 Middle Country Road in Calverton, NY & at a commercial facility in Babylon, NY.

We still make an annual trip every late-July or early-August to harvest wild Maine blueberries and some blackberries from mid-state growers and private farms.  On the east end of Long Island, we have relationships with several family farms who supply us each season with horseradish, strawberries, raspberries/blackberries, rhubarb, peaches, plums, figs, apples and a variety of peppers. OK, the mangos and pineapples are an import...but those are made for our customers passionate for the tropical fruits.

Peck's of Maine is a local micro-business focused on manufacturing premium fruit spreads that use all the fruit, very little sugar, and zero artificial ingredients!   Our most important concern is customer satisfaction - we will do almost anything to meet your needs and expectations.  With a seasonal variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy with our variety of flavors - fruit, savory and/or sugar free options.  

Please browse our little website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us direct at (631) 224-1348. If you miss us, please leave your name and contact # so we can get back to you right away.

To submit an order, please go to the Contact Us tab/page, complete your contact information and let us know what you need.  If you are not able to receive your order at one of our Winter farmers market locations, we can ship customer orders (4 jar minimum) nationwide using 2-day USPS.

Check back for updates regarding our 2023 Winter market season schedule.  And thank you to all our "Fans of our Fruit Spreads" -- because of you we are growing, little by slowly.  Remain in good health and remain vigilant so that we may all (someday) return to a new normal!!

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